Inmate Labor


Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Jerome P. McDermott

Community Service Work Crew

The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office Community Service Work Crews provide inmate labor to local municipalities, state or federal agencies, nonprofits, and charitable organizations.

Under the supervision of an Outreach Correctional Officer, carefully screened inmates provide a variety of services such as landscaping, painting, trash pickup, clean ups and general labor at no cost. This program gives inmates a chance to develop job skills and at the same time allows them to give back to the community.

There is a high demand for assistance, we urge applicants to submit requests as far in advance as possible. Due to availability of qualified inmates and security staff, applications are limited.


• All work performed by NCSO Community Service Crews must be on project sites owned by a Norfolk County municipality, county or federal agency, non-profit or charitable organizations.

• The requesting agency/organization must provide any supplies, tools or equipment needed for project.

• The requesting agency/organization must provide lunch for the inmate work crew at the project site.

• The requesting agency/organization’s responsibility to obtain permits and licenses if needed for project. The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office will not be responsible for compliance with building codes.

• Inmate work crews will leave any job site deemed unsafe or if inclement weather develops.

• Children cannot be present at any jobsite. Projects at a school are to be done off hours or school vacation periods when children are not present.

• An Outreach Correctional Officer supervises inmates at all times. We will do our best to adhere to a project schedule but, at any time, a work crew may need to leave a work site and projects may need to reschedule or cancel due to security operations.

• A Community Service supervisor may make a site visit to review your project request.

• Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to place a sign at the site acknowledging the community service program; at the end of each day, we will remove the signs.

If interested in applying for program assistance, click here to obtain application

If you have, any questions please contact:

Gary DeIorio, Asst. Deputy Superintendent
Phone: 781-751-3533

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