The Norfolk Sheriff's Office understands that 21st century corrections requires a multi-pronged approach, and we have instituted programs to make sure offenders become more accountable to society and themselves. The average sentence served at the Norfolk County Correctional Center is approximately 3 months. We recognize that virtually every Norfolk County offender will return to his community.

The Sheriff has made offender re-entry into society one of our chief priorities and the Norfolk Sheriff's Office provides a wide range of programs and services that assist our inmate population and address the needs of an individual and their risk to reoffend. Our re-entry program begins for all offenders on the first day they arrive here. At that time, our Classification Department assesses the risks and needs of each offender. We classify those offenders with other offenders with similar risks. Those risks are then addressed through treatment and education in areas such as anger management, substance use and domestic violence. It is our hope that these programs will enable offenders to return to their communities as productive and law abiding citizens.

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