Yellow Dot Program


Yellow Dot is a free, safety program, which provides emergency first responders with quick access to critical medical information about the occupants of an automobile in the event of an accident and/or health emergency. Since its implementation in Norfolk County in 2011, more than 1500 individuals have enrolled in the program. Participants place a Yellow Dot Decal on the driver’s side rear windshield of their cars. In the event of an emergency or accident, the Yellow Dot alerts emergency responders that there is an envelope containing the operator’s medical information inside the car’s glove compartment. The envelope has the operator’s name and photo on the outside for easier identification during this critical time. Inside the envelope is a Triad Medical Information Card, which lists medical conditions, allergies, recent surgeries, medications and emergency contact information. Police and fire department officials in Norfolk County have hailed the Yellow Dot program as a great help to responders and a potential lifesaver for program participants.

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