Victim Services are provided for victims and witnesses of crime and are governed by Chapter 6 of the Massachusetts General Laws. In addition, the Victim Services Coordinator serves as the NSO liaison with the Massachusetts Trial Courts and the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. The Victim Services Coordinator tracks offenders with Victim Certifications lodged through the Criminal History Systems Board, as well as coordinating the efforts of the victim advocates at our local courts.

The Victim Service Unit provides crime victims with:

  • Up to date information about your rights as a victim
  • Important inmate information including notification regarding an inmates release from custody
  • Safety planning, crisis intervention
  • Securing and updating restraining orders
  • Referrals to community resources including safe housing information, financial, emotional and support resources

Massachusetts Victim Bill of Rights:

MGL. c.10 s.66: Victims of drunk driving fund
MGL. c.12 s.11k: Crime Victims compensation Division
MGL. c.258 B : Rights of victims and witnesses of crime
MGL. c. 258 C: Victim Compensation
MGL. c. 263 A: Witness Protection

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Massachusetts Victims Services
Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA)

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