Each year the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office’s community service program provides thousands of hours of labor to local municipalities, nonprofits, and charitable organizations.

Under the supervision of Norfolk Sheriff’s Outreach Officers, inmates regularly travel to cities and towns throughout the county to assist with general labor, landscaping, painting, trash pickup and clean up.

These programs give inmates a chance to develop skills while at the same time providing valuable maintenance and repair services to cash strapped non-profits and municipalities which may otherwise be unable to obtain such services.

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office inmates have assisted a number of towns and organizations throughout Norfolk County with landscaping projects, providing labor, painting, landscaping and cleaning services for local housing authorities, and assisting civic organizations and nonprofits. Inmates also assist the Massachusetts Highway Department with trash pickup along area highways.

As part of our vocational training programs a number of inmates also volunteer at the New England Wildlife Center caring for sick or injured wildlife. This program has been incredibly successful and was featured in the Boston Globe and as a PBS special.

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