Vocational Programs

The Educational and Vocational Services Department offers offenders learning experiences that can help them change their lives for the better. In addition to our Adult Basic Education program that allows students to work toward their high school credential, we also offer an Advanced Education course and a College Readiness program in which students may learn about how to successfully navigate higher education.

The Vocational Services Department offers the following vocational services:

Vocational Services

Offenders who will be seeking employment upon their return to the community may pursue vocational training through one of our vocational education programs. Some of these include: Culinary Arts, Computer Application, OSHA 10, Custodial Management (CMI), Carpet Cleaning and Horticulture I & II. Our facility offers industry recognized certification in Culinary Arts, OSHA10, Custodial Management and Carpet Cleaning. Norfolk Sheriff’s Office staff and volunteers are available to assist offenders with job placement and career counselling upon their release.

For those who may need assistance in seeking employment, students may enroll in an Employment Readiness program in which they can learn about the world of work, develop their resumes and cover letters, and hone their interview skills. Individual employment counseling is available to assist each man with his specific needs in navigating today's job market.

Introduction to Computers

This course of study highlights the basic functions and operation of computers by familiarizing offenders with word processing, spreadsheets and databases. The course will introduce students to Excel and Word. Students will learn to edit, format and create presentation-type documents. This course will be the basis of expanding the user's knowledge of Microsoft programs. Students who participate should possess more than the basic knowledge of a personal computer. A high school diploma or high school equivalency is recommended

Introduction of Computer Application

The Microsoft Office applications course is designed for students with some previous computer experience. A follow-up to the introduction class, this program teaches students the various components of a computer and workstation and the various features of the Windows operating system. Students may learn how to use all of the applications, tool bars, and their features, as well as how to use Microsoft Word by creating, editing and modifying letters and resumes. With Microsoft Excel, students may create a home budget, document their activities while in the facility with a time and program chart, and create several different types of charts and databases. Offenders may learn Microsoft PowerPoint by creating a presentation program relating to what they have learned in the application. Hands-on experience during lab work will enhance their assimilation of the Microsoft Office software package and the various operating system features.

Culinary Arts Certification

This certification course will cover areas needed for the offender to become a Nationally Certified Professional Food Handler upon completion. This program utilizes nationally recognized teaching materials and examinations, which are fully accredited by the American National Standards Institute. This program will cover areas such as management, personnel, food safety equipment, utensils, facilities, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Massachusetts food code requirements. A high school equivalency or high school diploma is desirable for admission to this course.

OSHA 10 Certification

Students participate in a ten-hour Certification course that teaches them safety standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. All students receive an OSHA card upon successful completion of the program.

Blood-borne Pathogen Certification

This class fulfills the OSHA standards for people at high risk of exposure to hazardous and infectious materials in the workplace.

Custodial Management Certification

This Certification class is for the education and professional development of building, cleaning, and maintenance managers, supervisors, and executives.


The Horticulture course covers basic health and safety regulations, fundamentals of turf grass and lawn maintenance, selection and proper use of hand and power tools, pruning of trees and woody shrubs, and advanced procedures for lawn, turf grass, and sports field maintenance.



Advanced Custodial Management

Offenders learn and practice the trade of carpet cleaning. After four weeks of learning advanced custodial skills the offenders take an exam to receive a two-year license.

Employment Readiness

This is a six-week course that assists students in the area of career exploration and preparation. Students will explore their career goals based upon their interests and skills and learn about how to search for and retain a job. In addition, students will develop a resume and a cover letter template. They will also practice interviewing skills.

Employment Counseling

Career counseling and placement services for offenders preparing for release to the community

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