A primary goal of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is to ensure that offenders return to our communities as productive citizens. As an offender nears his final release, he is able to participate in a wide array of re-entry services, including an Intensive Re-Entry Program. Our goal is to provide a smooth and successful transition back into the community. Staff are available to assist offenders with making arrangements for housing, clothing, transportation, as well as ongoing medical and mental health treatment, and aftercare programs.

Those who may need assistance in seeking employment may enroll in an Employment Readiness program in which they can learn about the world of work, develop their resumes, cover letters and interview skills. Individual employment counseling is available to assist each offender with his specific needs in navigating today’s job market.


NSO is proud to partner with organizations such as the Gavin Foundation, Phoenix House, Bay State Community Services, North Cottage Program, Community Resources for Justice (CRJ), South Shore Recovery House, Recovery Home Collaborative and Impact Quincy.

Among the most difficult times for a former offender is when they return to their community and are subjected to negative influences or tempted to resume their former lifestyles. Many offenders are receptive to making changes while incarcerated but face challenges after their release. The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has utilized a U.S. Department of Justice grant to develop a mentoring program which pairs community volunteers with offenders while they are incarcerated and maintain contact upon release. These mentors help former offenders remain on-track by assisting with resumes, providing rides to medical appointments, helping with housing, and identifying job opportunities.
The NSO continually strives to assist offenders upon release by encouraging those who need it, to finish their high school educational requirement. Offenders often times start the process of gaining their HISET (High School Equivalency Test) Certificate while incarcerated, but upon release need to finish. The NSO works with services providers like SPAN Inc. or the Office of Community Corrections in Quincy to ensure their progress continues until completion.

The NSO works proactively to identify new service providers and agencies which will enhance our effort to improve our ability to assist offenders upon release. We have mentioned many of our partnerships already. There are many others assisting our released offenders with food, shelter, clothing, transportation, employment, counseling, health care, and human services including but not limited to the following:

  • The Gavin Foundation
  • Phoenix House
  • Bay State Community Services
  • All at Home Health Care
  • South Shore Mental Health
  • Garnet Recovery
  • Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development
  • Quincy Career Center
  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
  • Northeast Addictions Center
  • Wyman Re-Entry Center
  • Quincy Community Action (QCAP)
  • Father Bill’s Place
  • St. Francis House
  • Salvation Army
  • Quincy College

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