The Are You Ok? Program is a daily telephone reassurance program offered by the Sheriff’s Office in partnership with Fallon Ambulance service. Each morning enrolled seniors will receive a call to check on their well-being. If an individual fails to respond or requires assistance, staff will notify their family, and if necessary contact local police or emergency services. To date this program has resulted in over 150 individuals receiving emergency assistance for falls or other medical issues.

The program is provided 365 days a year for seniors and or people with disabilities. Calls are placed from 6am-10am daily with the time of the call being chosen by the individual. The automated call takes approximately 24 seconds and is monitored by a Norfolk Sheriff Deputy Sheriff or Fallon Ambulance Staff. Individuals may determine how many days a week the call is placed and may suspend calls when they know they will be away from home. The monitoring of these calls is a great tool in determining the needs of an individual while at the same time allowing elderly residents living alone to have a sense of security knowing that a public safety professional is checking on their well-being.

Seniors interested in signing up for this no cost, potentially lifesaving, program are encouraged to contact 1-866-900-7865.

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